Our Lucky Jewellery's History

       LUCKY  jewellery is established in 1988 at Shan State (Lashio) that is very upper part of Myanmar. The Founder, Madam Daw Shawk Hwai started to develop the business and our business outlets were playing in a lot of roles like retail sales, B2B sales and whole sales in Myanmar during a few decades. We expect more globalize to extend our markets since we have many achievement s. We believe customer‘s success is the measure of our success. And we are always looking forward to give the solution in very details for many factors like designs, design consulting, own design creation and manufacturing.

       We become to have more inspiration in designs and manufacturing. Our factory was established in October 2016 in Myanmar so that we can provide a lot of solution to our value customers. We are also looking forward our business partner to work together with us. We will be so much happy if we can make cooperation in design and manufacturing with our coming up business partners. We are also willing to get a partnership in real estate & resort.

       The goal of this web site is to provide all clients with a brief introduction to our products. Given the ease of transmitting information over the internet, we hope you will take a leisurely tour through our site. Your enquiry and feedback are always welcome, and we promise to try and update the site as often as possible.
Thank you for taking times to visit our web site. We sincerely hope that you come back regularly as more products information will be uploaded.

       Since Myanmar is open up and we have a lot of business opportunities, we try to put our roots and design inspiration into jewel markets. Our achievement is when we create gorgeous , unique, one-of-a-kind luxury jewelry that will be treasured for generations to come. We opened our next LUCKY jewel shop in downtown and it locate in the corner of Maharbandoola Road and  20th St, Latha Township, Yangon, Myanmar. We got so much joy when our customers satisfy owning their unique design by our supporting.